Monday, December 20, 2010


This should will be an awesome week.
A week that fills me with joy.
And drains my wallet.
One of my favorite times of the year.

not because it is Christmas. But because it is "Paid Chore Week"

I make a list of 'not the normal daily chores', assign them each monetary value, and the boys choose which they will do.

We don't do allowance, so this is something we do every few months. I pay them to do the work I don't want to do. It's like hiring a maid, but cheaper, and my kids get a little money.

This is also my Random Thought Tuesday Entry. even though it was not written on Tuesday. WHHY? Because I am lazy. I am too lazy to write a new post for today. Or busy. Maybe Busy is the word. I'm taking Brian to Pismo for his neck surgery today, then going shopping.

Gavin got his PSAT scores back. He is the person he was made and the person he has always been.... Reading/Writing scores were about in the "Better than 55% of other kids" and Math was in the "Better than 93% of other kids". which was pretty much his scored in 1st grade.

My boys were in a Christmas Showcase of m any skits. They made friends and enjoyed performing their skits. at his is the final scene from the final skit. Connor is the Wolf. Ki is standing behind him as a singer (red scarf)

Brian tried a Chemistry Demonstration with them, but it didn't work. We need a more pure form of Lye. I'll have to get better chemicals and try it again. I also need to order Salt Peters online as you can;t seem to find it in stores anymore these days. All these 'safer for the environment
products sure make it harder to do fun chemistry/science stuff at home.

Gavin put a little rubbing alcohol in the bottle, shook it to evaporate most of it, then lit it. Alcohol burns clear though- so it was fun to do/watch- but bad for pictures. Gavin had been looking up science demonstrations/experiments online and doing them for us.

It had been raining non-stop here. California Rain isn't that hard, but the drains are not made for lots of rain, so the streets flood the first day until the city clears the drainage holes. This is our street in front of our house-

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