Friday, December 10, 2010

Good Chemistry

It was a good day. Ki made Breakfast, as it is Friday. He had Banana Muffins that he & made last night & he cooked bacon. He also made tea for me and brought it all to me in bed.
Nothing like Breakfast in bed on a Friday! In the shape of a HAPPY FACE!

We started our day by lighting our Hanukkah Candles. We do not have a real Menorah. Just votives. But It works for us. And we have no idea the real day Hanukkah started, but that is OK with us, too. We are learning about Hanukkah.

We light our Candles, then read from Daniel and then do our Book of Daniel Lessons. I am doing a Beth Moore study with a group of ladies, then I teach some if to the boys. Then we pray and blow out the candles.

Chemistry Class was divided into Part A: the hands-on-not-so-mathy- part [done with KI] and then Part B: The mathematical application [done w/o KI]
Part A was talking about the proper way to take measurements. Terms like Meniscus, Accuracy vs. precision. Then they took measurements of different things. a group of graduated cylnders & beakers and then a stash of stuff for length.

Gavin found a science experiment online to do, so he did that with his brothers.
Light a candle in water, put a glass over it, watch the water level rise under the g;ass as the fire creates a vacuum.

{after lunch we did Part B: G&C finished the sections and practice problems then did their ALEKS online math ....while K did worksheets}

I printed a LOT of worksheets for Ki and sorted them into [math], [science], [language arts]. He put them into their own folders and went to work. He was told do to a couple from each folder. He got a 4th folder for finished worksheets to turn in at the end of the week.
THIS seemed a very good compromise for doing chemistry with all them at their different levels from the same High School CD-Rom. How Great to avoid a Sensory Meltdown!

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