Friday, December 24, 2010

Dec 24th.

As promised, I have a couple pictures of my new outfits. Of 2 of them anyway. I have 1 more to get a picture of later today maybe.

Here is what I wore to dinner on my anniversary: The boot & skirt already owned, the tip and scarf are new.

Here is another outfit that I bought for comfort, but the top shirts wasn't as loose as I hoped. Ki took the picture while I was still fixing my hair, it was windy.

*My inspiration for posting clothes comes from SASSY CLASSY's BLOG. (click to read). She often posts her outfit combos. Her Sister, MELODY, is Moving Shoes(click to read)- posting about all her shoes. She is trying to wear them all, not at once though. But she has a lot of shoes but hadn;t been wearing them all and decided to wear them all on different days. ALSO-Inspiration from HOME with the Boys, who also does a What I Wore post.

Ki made crepes for breakfast, but we had no berries or whipped creme, just Pancake Syrup or Chocolate Syrup. Ki likes crepes. They are best when we have all the "Crepe Fixings" though.

We put up the Christmas Tree last night.

Finally. Actually Ki wanted to put it up Christmas Morning.

Connor wanted it in the kitchen. I was pulling for him, but we were over ruled. So it is in the Dinner Room. The Kitchen and Dining room are more like One Big Room, though.

And I did ride my bike yesterday for approx. 2.5 miles. It's not much, but a start. and after seeing my pictures in my new outfits I think I'm gonna step up exercise a few notches!

We haven't wrapped any Christmas Presents yet. I will be busy doing that today I guess. and I have to take the boys out to get something for Brian. He didn't get me a list until I was done shopping and no longer had much time due to Play Rehearsal and then was down a car from the flood, plus I like to procrastinate. We had a Whirlwind Cleaning Yesterday, too. According to Lazy Mom's Blog; 'Timing is Everything' ; I am the Late Cleaner, but I am not a Mean Cleaner. I do list-off orders like a drill sergeant, though. but not a mean drill sergeant.

SCHOOL: A school update: It's Christmas Week. There is no school.

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