Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plan & Plan so more


That is what I like to do best. But it is probably not what I do best.

I have the general outline for Forensic class. I need to fill in the details.
Connor and Ki are about done with their current sciences, so we'll start Chemistry in December. I have been going through the Apologia CD Rom for the Chemistry Class. Chemistry should be FUN and full of explosions and messes. I have been looking online to find such fun things to add into the 'book lessons'. I also noticed that the math in this High School class is above Ki's level. So I'll have some extra reading or simple experiments he can do while I have to endure advanced math with C&G.

I have to obtain a few things, like burners and graduated cylinders, for Chemistry Class. Downstairs in the closet is a box of Supplies of this exact Chemistry Class, so I need to go through that ans see what we already have.

I'm looking forward to making SMOKE BOMBS! And wearing my Lab Coat.

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