Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have gone through their Chemistry DVD and browsed online to find experiments.

Reading through their DVD was a bit boring. This course NEEDS extra fun! Chemistry Class should be full of smoke, flames, color changes, etc. In fact, it is my personal opinion that numbers really aren't needed for anything else than a Count Down to Ignition!

I have my classes planned for December. All 3 boys will be taking the Apologia High School Course... which means the math portion is beyond Ki. So that part will be optional for him (but I'll tell him to give it a try first)

Here are the online links to the experiments I have added:

Week 1- has 3 experiments in the 'book- so no external experiment links

Week 2:[1] Make GOLD Pennies [2] Exploding Water! [3] Make Smoke Bombs

and as a special treat, I HOPE HOPE HOPE to be able to do the Igniting Steam activity, though the video says it should ONLY be done by Trained Professionals. Moms are trained professionals, right??

Week 3: [1] BREATH FIRE [2] Moving Permanent Molecules (Sharpie Pen ) [3]Gum Drop Molecules

Week 4: DVDs(netflix & Library) and they can find their own experiments to do and teach.


I love when I can teach all 3 boys together! It happens less and less these days.


and if you want to see the whole 'syllabus'- here it is: (using Apologia Chemistry DVD)

Nov 29 (Mon) CLASS

· Start with Experiments 1.1 & 1.2

· Have them define MATTER in their notebooks. Have them tell what the experiments showed. Air has MASS and takes up SPACE.

· (notes) Units of Measurement. Examples curtains 50x60. Mars Climate Orbiter. in science the standard set of units for measurement is the Metric System.

· (notes)The Metric System. units of mass are grams. For example, the mass of this course (including both CDs, the case, and the instructions) is about 120 grams. COPY Table 1.1 into notebooks.

Nov 30 (tues) CLASS

· (notes) Manipulating Units. Copy Table.

· (notes) Converting Between Tables. Teach thi s age. Do some problems. define: factor-label method. Watch Video.

· On Your Own- done as oral quiz.

· Converting between units of measurement. Have Ki try, but he can leave to go read if he wants. OYO. (on paper)

· For C&K- More Complex Unit Conversions. Use Calculators after a few without. OYO. On Paper.

Dec 1 (Wed) C&G + Class

· [C&G ]Derived Units. do on their own. Copy Sample. Watch Video.

· [C&G ]OYO- write score in notebook.

· Do the Making Measurements with actual ruler & graduated cylinder- NOT as notes/reading.

· (notes) Accuracy, Precision. Significant Figures. Example. OYO. on paper.

Dec 2 (Thurs)

· (notes) Accuracy, precision, significant figures (2). 6 cookies at 5 calories how much really?

· (notes) Scientific Notation. Go Through Examples. OYO (Opt for Ki)

· (notes) Using Scientific Notation in math

· Experiment 1.3

Dec 3 (Fri)

ü Finish Module. OYO. Hand out Practice Problems. Make sure Ki is not worried about the math part. Test on Monday.

Dec 6 (Mon)



Dec 7 (Tues)

· Go Over Tests

· Module 2: Experiment 2.1 - Read Energy & Heat (notes)

Dec 8 (Wed)

· (notes) Nature of the Scientific Law. First Law of Thermodynamics (video). Units for measuring heat energy.

· Draw Figure 2.1 in notes

· ZENDO- science vernacular

Dec 9 (Thur)

· Science Zendo

· Units for Measuring Heat 2 & 3 w/ OYO-p. Ki-optional for math.



Dec 10 (fri)


· (Notes) Calorie Unit. Measuring Heat. OYO-o



Dec13 (mon)


· Calorimetry videos.

· Exp 2.2 Write-Up

· Measuring Heat 4. OYO-p

· Conclusion

Dec 14 (Tues)

ü Do Practice Problems

ü Finish Writing any Lab Reports

Dec 15 (Wed)

o TEST @ Panera

o Sharpie Pen Science

Dec 16 (thur)

· Early Attempts to Understand Matter. Law of Mass Conservation

· Experiment 3.1. Lab Report.

· Law of Mass Conservation 2. OYO-p

Dec 17 (Fri)

· Elements- The Basic Building Blocks of Matter. OYO-oral(answer cards)

· Compounds. OYO (answer cards)

· Gum Drop Compounds:


Dec 20-23(Mon-Thurs)

· The Law of Multiple Proportions. Dalton’s Atomic Theory.

· DVDs from Netflicks and Library

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