Thursday, January 22, 2009

a good school day

I gave Ki Brain Gym Instructions. 20 CrissCrosses 1 way and 20 a different way. Then 15 Lazy 8s with a Body part. I went to check on Connor who was playing with Legos. He thinks since he taking Robotics and using Lego Mindstorm robotics he can spend his 2 hours of robotics making cool robots with legos. Which he does sometimes as part of his lesson. My husband took the old laptop on his trip, which has the Lego Mindstorm program. Connor wanted to look for the disc and put it on the other computer. I told him he could look for a bit, but not too long. He has 2 hours of Robotics and searching for a lost disc does not count as school time. He looked, but could not find it. So I told him for today he can read out of the Lego Mindstorm Robotic Programming books and to type his story that he wrote last week.

While he was looking, Ki and I did some stretching and breathing and Ki did a funny walk while all twisted up in the Hook-Up poseAfter I got Connor started (very reluctantly) on school (he decided to start with typing too get it OVER with sooner), Ki and I stared. He wore the Mime Mask he made yesterday while I read out of Jesus Freaks. He has 2 colored pencils and paper to do Double Doodles,but was so caught up in the story he sat with is hands folded on the table as he listened (with mask on). We then had a discussion time and read Acts 10 and 11. And talked a little more.that was 25 minutes church history (not including morning Occupational Therapy before class started)

After a break of Toast for Ki and Laundry for me, Ki started working on his People Cards while I did dishes and looked over the Robot Story Connor sent me. Ki had his clay for around his pencils and for squooshing as needed. He practiced Alphabet 8s for the names before writing them on his cards. (total Church History Time is 55 minutes)After a quick break Ki and I went over the Questions at the end of Chapter 2. He got them ALL correct! and some I didn't even have to list the multiple choices.
Then we listened to All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name on Youtube. First we listened to a more upbeat/modern version. ( ) Then I found one that was like what I used to sing in church. The Pipe Organ and angelic Choir voices. ( )
We talked about the meaning of some of the words. Prostrate and diadem and a few others.
That left 30 minutes of Church History.

I asked Ki if he wanted to start Chapter 3 and he decided to read from his Bible Story book and start Chapter 3 fresh tomorrow.

I had to remind Connor to get back to his Robotics a few times. the Lure of Legos is too great some days.

I am listening to more hymns. I am ready for a nap. But need to go check on Connor and Gavin. Connor was laying on a blanket reading a Robotics Programming book while his cat licked his arm.Gavin is working on his LightWave person. He found out how to make people and use the Person Making button. it inserts the body parts and you can change the details and positions, etc- then can animate it later. It is a nude female. But not like a photograph of a live naked lady. more like a grey clay sculpture. Hmmmm. How should I feel about this one. I think I am fine with it.

Connor needs to make some spelling corrections and then do his Light wave after lunch. Gavin will be doing Physics after lunch. I will have him watch Standard Deviants DVD and read over Chapter 1 again. this is a review week and I need Brian to help because Gavin is stuck and Brian is in LA.

Acting/theater was one of the easiest 45 minute classes I have ever taught.... Today Ki watched a list of YOUTUBE videos on MIMES. He watched a couple mime performances, some technique videos, and some Mime Ministry videos. For his last 10 minutes he went over 2 of the How To videos a couple more times.

(peoples of the world) We read and look at some pictures about Andes Mountain Villages and Amazon Rainforest life. Then we played a Ecotourism Game about a village of Quechua (sp?). Ki filled in a blank map. He is choosing about 5 countries to memorize. We had a sidetrack of the Galapagos Islands and animals thereof. The Blue-Footed Booby (and his booby relatives) is a funny bird with a funny name and that bit of info (birds named booby) HAD to shared immediately with his brothers. Our 45 minute class turned into 1 1/2 hours, LOL)

here is the link to the Ecotourism game:

Ki kept thinking I said terrorist instead of tourist. he'd say ""TERRORIST?? WHAT?? Why do they have terrorists??" "No, Ki.. TOURIST.. 2 syllables... not TER-ROR-ISTS-- 3 syllables..... just like the last time I said it"
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