Thursday, January 8, 2009

J-Term Day 3 (wednesday)

Today I awoke with the same headache I have had since Monday. It feels more like a bad headache and less like a Migraine now, though. It was one of those mornings that "Brushing My Teeth" seemed an accomplishment worthy of praise and celebration.

So, the boys got their own breakfast. I am sure Ki did NOT get enough protein. I'll have to go make him some bacon in a bit. Ki needs to have a decent amount of protein at each meal, esp breakfast. He needs Protein Snacks between meals.

Though I have been starting the boys at 9 this week, it didn't happen today. Gavin actually started before Breakfast. I had Ki go read after breakfast (which was around 9:15). I figure that by 10 I should be able to teach Church History. Actually he was already headed off to read when I went in to ask him to do his reading first to give my medicine time to work. It's nice when they are already doing what you want so you don't have to ‘make them' or tell them or even ask them to do it

Around 10 Ki was done reading and we both made ourselves a cup of tea (Pomagranite White Tea) and went outside to read in Jesus Freaks Martyrs. Connor had a couple questions that interrupted us a couple times, but that's normal.

Ki took a Scooter Break after Jesus Freaks. I made some turkey bacon so Ki could have a protein snack. Then we did some Brain Gym and read out of the Bible. We are reading in Acts (last of chapter 2 through all of Chapter 3) about the first Christians.

For Brain Gym/OT: Deep Breathing Stretches, Head Rolls. Yoga: Cat Pose, Child Pose, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog . Brain Gym: Lazy-8 Limbs- Making both small & Large Lazy-8s with arms and legs. Criss-Cross Marches.

The Book we are using for Church History is: Christian History Made Easy: 13 Weeks to a Better Understanding of Church History
by Timothy Paul Jones
It can be seen here:
Check out the Look Inside! I really like the book. It is easy to make a lesson plan that has different things. The book has online links, charts, side boxes with tips and extras. So it keeps our lessons varied.

Today I had him start with 15 Alphabet-Eights before writing his Vocabulary word. Only one word today.

Our Church History Studies (sessions 3) today involved looking at Ancient Roman Architecture/ruins online and reading 2 pages in the Christian History Book and discussing it.
Then it was LUNCH TIME! (my school journal time)

Ki usually chooses Theatre after lunch and today was no exception. Fo his Theatre we are using an USBORNE BOOK:

Our book has a different cover, though.
It has activities we do. There are terms we define and things to read. Ki will be rewriting a skit next week.

After our Theatre things got busy for me. I was finishing up with Ki and Theatre and Gavin came to me finished with Chapter 3 and asking for the test. So I had to go print. But I needed the Laptop Ki and I were using as the old Laptop can't take the Physics CD Rom. So I had Ki take a short break, started the printing, which I have to feed one paper at a time. As soon as the test was printed and in Gavin's hands I set Ki up watching Lung and Diaphragm Videos as the last part of his Theater Class. I told him to take a break when he was done because I had more printing to do.

I went upstairs and finished printing things for Physics. The Test Answers, the Practice Problems, test and answers for the next chapters. The after the next chapter he has a Quarter Review Test, so I printed that and a few review problems from his previous chapters. Ki called me and said he was ready for People of the World while I was still babysitting the printer.
I had him get out the Syllabus and find out what to do and read on his own.

Then I joined him, read the rest with him, Gavin turned in is test, then we visited some links for Ki's People's of the World section today.

Here is the book we use for Ki's World Cultures. Peoples of the World It is divided nicely into regions and Usborne has it's own database of internet links they have researched to go with each topic, that are kid appropriate. So it is safe for the kids to browse the list of links they have on their website.

Ki finished up his Lessons today by listing different winter sports and transportation.
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