Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 hours

Am I crazy to teach church history for 2 hours a day to a boy with the attention span of a gnat? 2 hours is a long time for a boy to take one class. 2 hours is a long time for me to 'teach' church history. maybe you are wondering HOW we do 2 hours of church history with Little Gnat Boy. Maybe you are wondering WHY he is taking 2 hours of church history daily. I decided to share a 2 Hour Church History day with all of my fine readers. (hopefully I do have more readers than the 2-3 that actually leave notes)

The 2nd question is easier to answer than the 1st. WHY church history for a 12 yr old. A topic that I, as an adult, wonder if it is exciting enough for daily study.... Well, because Ki loves Church History. (and I have been enjoying it, too!)
Now for the HOW! What a 2 hour Church History day looks like for this "Quasi-Unschooling" family.

(I actually used a Stop Watch today instead of just glancing at the clock)
We start our Studies with drinking water, eating a protein snack, and doing Brain Gym. Usually Criss-Crosses.

Ki debating standing while I read, but decided to sit. He sat and had 2 pends (red and blue) and paper. He drew Double Doodles (Mirror Art with both hands at the same time) while I read Jesus Freaks. We talked about it a little bit, found Bangladesh in the map and then I read in the book of Acts while he made a New Double Doodle Picture. We read about 1 1/2 chapters. Mostly about Peter and Cornelius.

After that we watched/Listened to CORNELIUS by APOLOGETIX. The story on the Bible reminded us of this song so we listened to it and pointed out how it went with the things that happened in the Bible.

That was about 25 minutes. Time for a break. (laundry and tea for me, playing w/ Legos for Ki)
The next round of Church History was reading from our Church History book. We read, talked about what we previously read, found countries on the map, read some more, discussed it, and learned about ICHTHUS (the Greek letters in the Christian Fish Symbol) We talked about acronyms we know and how ICHTHUS was a Greek Acronym for the qualities of Jesus.We googled.

Ki drew the Fish symbol with the Greek Letters and the words they stood for (he did those in English) He did it a couple times to get it to come out right. Because I wasn't satisfied with the first one and he didn't use an erasable pencil and had to start over a couple of times.
This took us to 1.5 hours of Church History.

I had planned on having Ki write out People and Event Cards, but he was really starting to fall apart from all the writing (drawing). I could see hi cognitive skills breaking down in his head. He told me he planned on reading Bible Stories for his last 30 minutes and I said that was fine. I decided having him write would just end up a big meltdown for both of us.

No, I am not Crazy. No, Church History is not boring. Yes, I do look forward to February and not more 2 hours daily of church history
-- --Kimberly
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