Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have written Ki's list for Church History. HIs other classes are already planned. Gav&Con are pretty much on their own. I sent a quick email to them to remind them of a few things.

here is Ki's list for week#2:

Ø Do questions page 15 (oral)
Ø Finish Important People Card (example)
Ø 5 Events You Should Know (pg 6) on Cards
Ø Listen to Hymns from Word Search
Ø Read Chapter 2
Ø Write Definitions in notebook
Ø Learn 1st SIX books of New Testament
Ø Research Papyrus and Make our own Paper
Ø After Reading page 22, make sure to do the “Think About It” box

We read Jesus Freak, Pray, and Read in the Book of Acts at the start of Church History Class. It usually takes about 30 minutes.

It's Session 1
Then he takes a break
Then we read in his Church History Book and write and research online for about 45 minutes
Then the last 45 minutes is a project/activity/more reading/etc...
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