Friday, January 13, 2012

Jobs and Resumes (J-5)

I thought about rotating this picture, but decided I like it the way it is. It is from Yesterday's Fun with Feces School Adventure. (READ about it HERE)

Today ended our first week of J-Term. (you can read about J-Term HERE):

I laid out 3 science tests and told boy to do their test whenever they felt ready today. Connor took his test as soon as he finished breakfast. Ki studied bit longer before taking his test. Gavin took his test a little at a time.

That was all they did for science today.

Gavin spent more time practicing the new computer graphics program. I promise to get pictures SOON!

Connor took his resume to the animal clinic and talked to the lady there. It still seems funny that my 16 year old needs a resume. On the way home we stopped by another Animal Hospital and he got an application. I had him attach a copy of his resume to his application.

We talked a bit about the city animal shelter- it is NOT a no-kill shelter. I asked how he would feel volunteering there and he said he wouldn't want to. I can't blame him.

Ki made Lembas Bread today. I will get pictures tomorrow when he wraps it in leaves like the elves did.

Gavin will be making Fried Rice tonight for those of us that like friend rice. That would not be me. That would be himself, Connor, and the exchange student (Dashnyam). I bought some veggies and fruits to cut up for everyone and those of us that are left, Ki, Brian, and myself) will find other foods to eat. Maybe a bowl of cereal for me. Maybe Ramen noodles for Ki....

Connor said he wants rice... and scrambled eggs separately.... Aparently Connor does not like fried rice... just rice. and scrambled eggs. and onions-raw.

Brian will be staying up late tonight- hopefully- and sleeping Saturday morning to afternoon.... hopefully. If he plans well. He has to go into work from Midnight to 10 or 11AM Sunday.

All in All, I am pleased with J-Term. Ki is enjoying his Middle Earth books and projects. Gavin is always happy when he gets to draw on the computer all day long for school.
And Connor is getting good experience between writing ressumes and volunteering at different places. He rode his bike to turn his application into the 2nd place. Anything to get those boys ACTIVE!!

Nothing new or exciting today, though. I have no brilliant break through ideas or awesome science projects to share. But Ki and I did have a discussion about what things we could do with a paperclip. I said pen the CD thing on the computer, make a 'jumpy thing', stab someone in the eyye if they attack me, Attach a bunch together into different shaped... Ki said he could make a taco holder and use them to be the 'skeleton' for claymation figures, and pierce his ears.
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