Thursday, January 19, 2012


Why oh why did NONE of you stop me when I mentioned a bike ride with a sore shoulder???

I thought I was dying from the pain! It was not a god idea. It was hurting so badly, it ached in my chest in front. Which happened to be around the area of my heart, and the pain then went down my arm... Which had my husband freaked out and googling "heart attack symptoms in women."

Googling, not Wikipedia-ing. There was no Wikipedia yeasterday, thanks to the blackout.

Ki was so glad to have Wikipedia back today after yesterday's blackout. (SOPA protest)
He spent the morning studying Middle Earth Elves.

Connor tod me they (C&G) needed litmus paper for their science experiment, so I dug into the box of science paraphernalia and found the red and blue litmus paper. I learned that toilet bowl cleaner is acidic. I always assumed it was akin to Draino, and a base. This could be useful information if I am locked up in a storage shed and there is a bomb timed to go off in 23 minutes and all I have to aid escape it is chewing gum, toilet bowl cleaner, and duct tape.

Connor says the number 23 is evil.

I really should ice this muscle pain. Ice just sounds so.... cold. I am out of Fiioricet. And afraid to take Brian's Vicodin.

A ConnorConversation:
Riding in the van, wearing a jacket, he looks up inside his sleeve and say, very confused..
"Huh? I didn't know I was wearing a long sleeve shirt!"

upon further inspection ..... he says:
"Oh, the jacket's just lined."
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