Wednesday, January 11, 2012

J-Term Day#3

Let's back up to Tuesday night. I went the whole day without a headache only to get one AFTER I crawled into bed. I had to get up too take something.
I also woke a few times with a screechy throat.
Dashnyam forgot to have me sign his school papers last night, so he woke me up from my Finally Restful Deep No Headache sleep. Yes, it was 8AM. but still - it was a touch annoying.

Ki went through his recipes and made a list of the ones he wants to make, then he put them on the calendar for the days he wants to make them.

I started using It keeps track of recies, menues, and has a calendar planner. Ki used to that list all his recipe dates.

Gavin did a lot of drawing with SAI and with Blender. He took a screenshot for me to post, but still needs to actually email the picture to me.....

Connor wrote his resume for the animal clinic. They don't do applications, you just give them your resume. My 16 yr old now has a resume.

I had to go to the high school because they called to say Dashnyam was absent for one of his classes yesterday. Yesterday, the first day back, he went in to see his counselor to change his schedule. So he did not go to the class he dropped because he was in the class he switched to. The attendance lady said she could not change the absent mark, I'd have to go clear it with his guidance counselor. REALLY?? well, the G.C. was not even there, so the Attendence lady took a note and said she'd clear it with the G.C. for me.

I got another call today, again saying he was absent for a class... so I guess the guidance counselor never cleared it... so I have to go back tomorrow and try to get this sorted out.

I am grateful for those 10 yrs I had that I did NOT have to deal with the public school system.

Dinner was Pasta Buffet. Two pasta types, 4 different sauces! It was fun. even if Connor and Ki refused to try a new sauce and stuck with the plain ol regular tomato sauce.

AND I did my exercise today. I just forgot my vitamins...... one day everything will all comee together.

So, there you have my short shootouts for the day.
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