Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday's Geocaching was a success and a failure that turned to a success. We started with a simple P&G (Park and Grab), after a few winds in the way I remembered the GPS was set to pedestrian and I changed it to automobile. It's be easier to remember if it showed FEET when in the pedestrian mode, but it still shows a 4X4 jeep.

Connor was in charge of the GPS on the way there and like letting me know every .2 miles how much farther till we had to turn.

The Cache was Titled "I can't drive". We arrived and the boys ran out of the jeep, running up and down the roadside. I called them back to we could look at the GPS and have an idea where to focus our search. We talked about how it can't be behind the fence or our laying on plain sight or a place where it'd get run over or blown away. Ki say a clump pf grass and I pointed to a road sign with some grass clumped around it. It was under the road sign, which was directly next to the Van. If they had shotgunned from the van they'd have found it sooner.

Ki found it. The rules here are the first to find it gets first choice of the goodies (if there are multiple goodies). If there is one goodie or not enough for everyone, the finder gets the treasure.

There was plenty in this tiny cache. Gavin did a TNLN at this cache (Took Nothing Left Nothing)
I did a TNLNSL (Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Log)

Ki did a TTLTTS (Took Too Long to Take Something)- his own little acronym just for him

Connor ended up with a red caribiner and Ki changed his mind a couple times and landed on a foreign coin, from England we thing (Queen Elizabeth and the word 'pence' were our clues)

Then I thought we'd try a hike. We had water, snacks and our CITO bag (Cache In/Trash Out) to pick up litter along the way.

The hike was too much for Ki. The sun, the incline, the distance (all of .2 miles before he collapsed)

At home I researched closer, easy hike caches and there are a LOT right here in town that we can walk or easily bike to get there. That is great! we can do a lot of small caches, low exertion hikes to get Ki all primed for longer ones. Today we will try a cache in walking distance of our house. We invited our new friends down the street to come with us.


- Nice weather
- a new home
- new homeschooling friends to support us on this journey in a new place
- God's gift of discovery and imagination to my kids
- a great husband with a Great (sometimes) job. He has been spending most of his time trying to cut through red tape to get me a base ID and not getting much 'real work' done lately.
- finding a good church to attend
-family that stays close even over the distance
- to God for steering our paths so clearly to our new life here

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