Sunday, October 5, 2008


Connor misplaced his Assignment Book so I am emailing his weekly assignments to his this week. Here is what I emailed him-
Connor did you do these from last week?
*** a 'game' to play Just to read -- click the links to view pictures and read more. Choose 3 things to write about in your notebook. Include drawings I didn't see the last thing in your notebook. Make sure they get done this week.


Read Daily- Book of John. 1 chapter a day.

Do the assessment for ALEKS, do 30 mins math daily (so if you finish the assessment before Friday start on the Pie Work)

SCIENCE/GEOLOGY NOTEBOOK (green ink pages this week), Read Current Events Page for 30 minutes (check out some of the sidebar links, too) then do Write Ups on 2 Current Events: DATE your writing.

SOCIAL STUDIES with Mom at the following times:
Mon at 11AM
Wed At 11AM
Thurs at 1PM
Friday at 11:15

Tues-AirForce Base Classes (ASL & PE)
Wed - Gymnastics
Thursday- Braces and Beach Outing with youth group
Fri-Election Class, Waller Park Homeschool Day

I have scheduled time slots for 1 on 1 with each boy.
Ki and I will be doing his Science, Gavin and I will be doing Economics, Connor and I will be doing Civics.

I also will do Ki's Missionary Story (M-W) and Social Studies (Th-F)with him, but not at scheduled times.

Here is an example from Ki's daily Assignment book this week-
Mon Oct 6
-Morning Chores
9:30- Science w/ mom
H2O, BG, 15minQT
5 min break, BG
PieChart 15 min C.C.R.

-Missionary Story Time
-Read your Red Bible 15 mins.

** also this week, prob on Thursday, I will have him plan out reading and activities for his next story in Going Places. I planned out the 1st 2 stories for him. I want him to plan this next one himself.

Wed I have an appointment at the DMV!
~~ and what of Gavin aside from the economics class with me? He's doing his Aleks (something daily with a total of 4 hours for the week) and his Physics and his Daily Bible Reading (And Co-Op classes)
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