Friday, October 10, 2008

Saturday School Week Review.

A new Weekly Meme. Stacie introduced me to this one. It nice to do a weekly review of how school went. What went well, what went out the window, what went down on the list of new ideas, and what went on at the Farmer's Market.

You can click on the above picture to go to the Cuddles on the Couch blog to find more weekly reviews to read and to add your own.

I think instead of dividing this up by subjects (math, art, etc), I will use the categories Gavin, Connor, Ki, All, Me, and NOT DONE.

I need to preface this week-end review with the following information. It was a busy, hectic, overwhelming week and not much 'school' was accomplished.

Gavin : still plugging away at with Algebra 2. He's been reading lots of email and watching lots of YouTube and the occasional wikipedia. He didn't update his blog this week and didn't get much Physics done. He is stuck right now in Physics and we are waiting for Brian to find the time to help him.

Connor: Decided on High School Geometry for his math. ( He finished his assessment and came out already knowing 40% of the material. Not much was done in Geology this week. He played a few games online. Both he and Gavin have been reading in the book of John. He has been emailing a bit more and asked me to sdhow him how to get to the Character Map to have neat little character symbols in his writing.
Ki:- Decided to do the Leap Pad Math Drills instead of Quick Tables this week. Excpet for Friday he wanted to do Quicktables. Maybe he decided QuickTables (another ALEKS thing) are better than the Leap Pad Math Drills. On Thursday he decided to do a couple pages of Beyond the Code (Language Arts) instead of doing his math. I let him.I like that he is self motivated to do his school work and plans what school work to do, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to miss a day of math. He has been reading in his Picture Bible. It's like a Comic Book Format. He and I have been reading his Science together (zoology Apologia). We usually get to it 3-4 times a week. We read, work on his notebooking, do experiments, read more, and act things out.
ALL: The boys are doing once a week Elections class on base. And I am teaching a Sign Language Class on base that my boys attend. We have been doing Geocaching and honing our map reading skills and understanding of coordinates. Gavin doesn't seem as interested in it as the other 2.
Me: I have been learning to make Friendship Bracelets, LOL. I saw mt friend, Kari, had this book laying in her house and asked to borrow it. It looked fun. I have been making them into key fobs and zipper pulls, adding some UVRay beads and plan to use them for Geocaching trinkets.

this is a long list. Not much Physics (Gavin is stuck), no Church History for Ki, No Social Studies for Connor (lost his book. need to find it this weekend), No Story of the World, no GeoMind Builders, No together Bible Reading/verse reciting. No Going Places for Ki (his reading comprehension program). But we did GO PLACES all week!


Ki and I are doing great with his zoology reading and notebook and project box, but we are way behind on experiments. So this week will all be Catch Up Science Experiments (no other stuff in zoology unless he asks).
I hope Gavin does his Physics experiments and us ready for his next test.
Connor- I need to think of some things for him to do in Geology.
Mainly this week I plan on just Reading, Math , and getting caught up in Science. Also starting the day with Prayer, a verse of the week, Story of the World and ding Geo Mind Builders maybe after lunch.

My New Addition to the Blogs I read: Amy (Daisys & Monster Trucks). I went to school with her. She has 3 boys she is homeschooling (younger than mine). So stop by and tell her Hi.

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