Monday, October 6, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook Oct 6

For Today... OCTOBER 6, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window... Another beautiful, sunny California morning! The morning Marine Mist layer was cleared off by 8AM. There is a tree with pretty purple flowers outside the window behind the Computer, but I have to stand to see it.

I am thinking... that I am glad it is a new week & also that I still have too much to do.

From the learning rooms... We are doing 3 scheduled classes a say (except for Tuesdays, we are in Vandenberg most Tuesdays). I think this will help. It is just 1 class for each boy on the subject they need a little 1-on-1 to understand better. Also, this week Connor starts his new Math Level. He chose Geometry.

I am thankful for... Awesome kids that take care of me and are very understanding when I don't feel well. (and I'm thankful for moving to a place where I almost never have migraines anymore)

From the kitchen... Ki has requested lasagna. 1/2 meat and 2/3 cheese. And he will be making corn bread or banana bread to go with it. Also, the younger 3 boys will be making candy today.

I am wearing... My 3/4 sleeve length Shalwar from India. I think if I were a native from India the sleeves would be full length. It.s my green one with embroidery all over it. It's itchy, but my favorite. And jeans, barefoot and wet hair.

I am reading... trying to finish that 3 Cups of Tea book. The first half was enjoyable, but then it got really boring.

I am hoping... to finish this book today.

I am creating.. nothing today

I am hearing... Kids in the kitchen getting breakfast, cars, birds, the occasional dog, keyboard clacking, computer humming, the occasional weird house sound.

Around the house... happy children and a floor that needs to be swept- again

One of my favorite things... not having to go anywhere for a whole week- but that's not happening anytime soon

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... ah, if it were only a few....

Today- school, candy making, Book Club

Tuesday- I teach an ASL class at the co-op, Homeschool PE, Geocache

Wed- DMV, Gymnastics

Thur- Connor gets his upper braces, Beach Night for the youth at church(5:30), Our Discipleship class at church (6:30)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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