Saturday, November 1, 2008


Connor caught a California king snake on Halloween. It's young, only about 12 inches long (very slender). We named it and asked to keep it. So we now have a 10 gallon 'critter terrarium' with a heating pad under it and spend $11 on 6 frozen mice pinkies (now I know why my dad raised them. that's a rip-off!)

I was getting ready to see if we could find a place that sells live pinkies as I didn't know if it would eat a frozen one, being wild and uses to live prey. But it started eating it right away. I'll check it in a bit. It seemed to maybe be having problems getting it in it's mouth well. it has such a small head.

We're headed to shell beach today with Dynasty. It's a bit chill today. it's been very cloudt the past couple days and rained at night. Maybe we're at the beginning of the Rainy Season here! I loved looking at the clouds today and all their bubbly, swirliness. I like clouds and have missed them lately.

I plan on a light school week. Though Gavin will be doing his Physics test Monday.
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