Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There Once Was.....

We did Limericks on Monday. Here are some of Connor's:

There once was a cat named Soks
Who loved to sleep in a box.
His fur was all gray
and he liked to play
and his head was not full of rocks

I once knew a boy named Jake
who liked to make chocolate cake
with ice cream on top
and balloons to pop
So a Chocolate cake he did make

Soksey the cat loves to pur
that gray you see is his fur
when he says "Meow"
he really means "OW!"
now that the cat has a burr

Tie is a little king snake
his eyes are very opaque
he ate a pinkie
he is not stinky
and he doesn't like in a lake

You know of soks the cat
you know he is not fat
nor is he mad
and not very bad
and he prefers a box not a mat

Pumpkin the Cat is old
and doesn't like to get cold.
She doesn't like Soks
or even his box.
She wishes he would get SOLD!
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