Monday, November 3, 2008

Conversation with Gavin

GAVIN: (taking his physics test) "cool. I just have one more problem."

ME: "No way! I'm only half way done with my Chai!" (we're testing at the coffee shop)


GAVIN: "So, can I round up my answer?"

ME: "Why? does it have a bazillion decimal places out?"

GAVIN: "No. I got 30.6. But I wasn;t sure if it's the right formula."

ME:"Why, did you use your notes? Did you take good notes so you have the formulas in your notebook?"

GAVIN: "The formula's in my notebook, I just didn't know which formula it was. So I just made one up in my head to use."

Who does that?? Who just makes up physics formulas in their head??And he got it correct.

Mathmatically, he got a 91%. but he forgot to write his units on one wrote too sloppy for my to determine exactly what he wrote on one. Those were the last two problems. I guess the pumpkin pie wore off by then.

I gave him an 89%.

GAVIN: " Know what I don't get? You kow how scientist say if you drop 2 different sized objects from the exact same height, they will reach the ground at the exact same time......?"
ME: "Yes, what about it"
GAVIN: "Well, that's not exactly true. All objects exert their own gravity. So a larger object will will have a greater gravitational pull and pull it to the ground faster. Of course, the difference is so minute, you'd only notice is you were dropping, say, a marble and the moon. The moon would hit the grounds about 2 times faster."
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