Monday, November 17, 2008


I think I have the flu or a cad cold. I'm not super congested, but super achey and weak. So probably a flu virus.

Got a package in the mail today. My mom sent some goodies for all of us. She sent us a little care package a couple months ago, too.

I got Fairy Dust and a TShirt with a sparkly spider on it.

Gavin got a squooshed grape tomato (or cherry?). He said "Mimi tried to mail me a tomato, but it got smashed." I told him she was mailing he seeds from Papa's tomato plant.

Ki got seeds but wasn't sure if they were to eat or to plant. So, mom, you might want to give him a call.

Connor got Keys. I haven't seen them. He quickly horded them away.

And there were some other goodies. Which reminded me I had bought something for my mom last month and need to mail it. I have a few oyher things to mail and places to call tomorrow, too.
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