Sunday, December 21, 2008

JTERM time plan and choices

I loved High School J TERM! I wished all high school could be like that. We just had 2 classes a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I felt like I learned more with a couple hours instead of taking 10 minutes to get the class ready, 10 review. 20 minutes new material and then 10 -15 minutes examples or seat work- then I had to switch and do it all with a different subject. I loved choosing my subjects and having the time to really get into the studies each class. (yes, some kids actually do go to school to learn and not to socialize....)This year my oldest child is in high school. I decided I wanted to try a J Term with him and my other 2 boys. Each at different intensity levels of course. (I love homeschooling my kids!)

So here is my Plan for Times.

Gavin will choose 2 classes to study for 2.5 hours a day (with breaks of course) and do 30 minutes math (Unless he chooses a math for one of the 2 long classes)

Connor (14 in January) will do 2 classes that are 2 hours each and 30 minutes math and maybe a 30 minute his choice)

Ki (12) will do 1 class that is 2 hours (wow, this could be a huge trial with his Sensory Issues, we'll just see how it flies), then 4 classes that are 30 minutes (1 math, 1 reading, the other two he'll choose from a list)

I like trying new ideas and then incorporating what works into our 'normal routine'

My List Of Class Options so far:
GAVIN: Physics, World History, HTML, Spanish, Astronomy, Econmics, Mythology, Yoour Choice (must be approved)

CONNOR: Zoology, General Science, Spanish, Sports, Jewish Holidays, Your Choice (must be appproved)

KI: choices for 1 hour class: Spanish, Theater, Church History, Peoples of the World, *NEED 1 MORE*
choices for 30 minute class (some overlap the 1 hour list): Peoples of the World, Mission Story Time, Zoology, Spanish, American Sign Language, NEED 1 or 2 more. some sort of history. Early American History maybe- or Medieval History. .... I dunno...
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