Monday, December 15, 2008

Bacon in the Toaster Oven

I have been on the phone for almost 2 hours. all with different medical providers and to my insurance company 2-3 times- 2 different dentists, 2 different medical doctors......and I still have to call the Otolaryngologist (ENT). and I am DREADING that call. I am SO embarassed! I totally forgot about his last appointment b/c I forgot to put it on my calendar---- and 2 appointments before that I totally forgot!! this makes the 2nd time in 3 weeks I have totally spaced and forgot his ENT appointments!!!!I think I'll have some chamomile tea before I call.

Halfway into my phone calls I hear Connor YELL Gavin's name like he's mad, but Gavin's response was not one of fighting brothers- it sounded concerned- so I called to them to see if everything was fine. Connor said they were fiine, there was just a fire in the kitchen,. I hear commotion and ask Gavin if the fire is out yet and he said no- so I went to the kitchen to see how bad a fire it really was )notice- having 3 boys for 12 yrs I no longer run and jump at the first 'FIRE"- how sad)It was out by the time I got down the 6 steps and into the kitchen.Gavin had decided to cook bacon n the toaster oven. I made sure all boys knew exactly where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it...... (which I know I have pointed out before- but you know boys.."Huh? we have a fire extinguisher?" )

**OH- and I found out there is a difference between "Accepting our Insurance" and being an actual contracted provider! I asked the oral surgery place if they 'accept' our insurance and they said yes. when I called our insurance company they guy there said they are OUT OF NETWORK so the coverage will be less. I told him I had asked the Oral Surgery Office and they said they did accept our insurance- and he said to me that they do accept money from them (my insurance company), they are just not contracted providers. so next time I need to actuallly ask "Are you a contracted provider with my insurance Company?"
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