Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today I picked two avocados and placed them in the window sill to ripen.

The beds are ready for our guests. The towels have been washed. The floors swept.

Soksey decided he likes Ki's bed in our room and has been sleeping there most the day.

Brian's parents and grandfather arrive later today. Brian arrives later this evening; around midnight. My van needs a new battery. Yesterday while at the 2nd pet store looking for pinkies for Connor's snake, the van battery died. No lights had been left on or doors open or anything. It died under the same circumstances last week. twice. I didn't have my cell phone with me as it was home charging. Brian was in Colorado. It took an hour before I found someone to jumpstart the van battery. Then the darn snake didn't even eat!

I need to run to the Post Office to mail a Birthday Card. I'll atually bike, not run.

I'm getting excited about After Christmas. We will have 2 exchange students from Japan. Then it's a new year! My new calendar should be coming in the mail soon! We'll be starting new school session. That's always fun!!!
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