Monday, December 22, 2008

The Choice has been Made

I gave my kids choices for school. Gavin chose Physics and Lightwave(CAD modelling). Ki chose Church History, Theater and Peoples of the World (and wants to do cooking, too). Connor chose Robotics and Lightwave.(Lightwave being the Your Choice option) *These would be the only school classes the month of January)

I think that is a bit too single focused.Connor's defense: "It's just for 1 month and I'm going to do ONE job when I grow up (robotic engineering) so why do I need to other stuff?"

At first I thought I'd veto the Your Choice Connor made. I did specify it would need to be approved. But then I decided Connor is right. It is just one month and both classes he wants are for the career he wants- so why not? As the teacher I can add a little reading and history (or whatver else ) into Either one of those classes if I see fit.

So the Final Results of JTerm Class Choices are:
Gavin : Physics and Lightwave
Connor: Robotics and Lightwave
Ki David:Church History, Peoples of the World and Theater
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