Monday, June 18, 2018

Flowy Fun

Made a flowy, cool skirt today. It's so hot outside. I think the temperature and humidity must be about the same. 95. (Fahrenheit) 

I love attaching 'under-shorts' to my skirts!  they make the skirts more comfy! loose and flowy skirts but still a held-in snug feel that I like. A touch of modesty and the keep sweaty summer thighs from sticking together, giggles.
*Skirt Fabric is ITY from SoSewEnglish. The shorts are made of Power Mesh from PheeFabrics. The skirts is just a made up pattern, the shorts are PegLegs from Patterns for Pirates (a free pattern)

Yesterday I wore a fun Bicycle dress I made last year. This dress is filed under FEMSICAL!

*Bicycle Fabric from, 2 years ago though

I think I might post what I wear when it's Made by Me, more often.  For myself. I kinda have a lot of things I made and I wat to make sure everything is getting worn! (I get into clothing ruts)

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