Thursday, June 7, 2007


we are on vacation again this week. It was originally going to be a school week, but I came down with pneumonia last week and am just now feeling better.
I was pretty ill for a while. Can't remember being that sick, though I was when I was really little.

The boys went to the local water park on their own yesterday ansd today. 2 came home burnt today.

Brian took all four to King's Island all by himself Friday! While I lay in bed delirious.......

You guys aren't spreading the word about my homemade cards for sale quite well enough.......LOL. I think I might give Ebay a try.

Next week I think we'll do math, history and science experiments. The boys are suppose to be choosing their summer school projects. Ki is thinking of making a Lego Roller Coaster. I need to figure out what I can do with that. I have Gavin's Roller Coaster unit study from last year, a lot is too advanced for Ki, but I can use parts of it.

After a school week next week, they'll have off for a week while I pull together their summer projects. Hopefully we'll have those started the next week.
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