Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dragon Study Ideas

A friend asked for 'unschooling' type ideas for her son who is into YuGiOh and Dragons.

I thought I'd share what I thought of in case someone here maybe able to use parts of it with their kids:

Maybe he can design his own YuGiOh type game. He can make his own creatures with abilities and cards and points, etc......
AND if you have a friendly Gaming Store, There might be a few people there who would be willing to play test his game. My son designed his own game, the store manager there knows we homeschool and is a great guy. My son told him all about the game and he is going to test play it with my son.

This will have art, writing, math, history (as he resaerches Dragon Lore to create his characters), learning how business works, etc...

Then he can make clay models of his creatures.

Maybe even write short stories about his creatures.

(I know very very very little about YugiOh, sorry)

He can do a puppet show of one of his favorite Dragon Stories.

Drawing Maps of a dragon cave or a forrest.

You can buy poker chips at the dollar store, spray paint them 3-4 different colors. Hide them. He searhces for them, maybe with a map, maybe not... each coin type has a different value. He can calculate the total value.

At the end he can throw a Dragon Party for friends and family- Make invitatons, maybe think of Dragon or Knight names for his guests.

he can make a Dragon Dinner... Hmmm.. carrot spears/swords, Flame grilled Steak, Potato Skin Shields.... Maybe he can think of dishes and give them 'dragon-y names'. Have him make the grocery list and give him cash and let him shop and go through the checkout lane. Have him write a menu (use a fancy old english font with WORD and print it out, use tea and a match to 'antique' the paper -and you can talk about history of Pilgrims or something and their hand made paper.- maybe make youe own paper....). Then roll it up in a scroll and use a wax seal.

Have his new game out and teach it to people, have his diaramas of different dragon Lore or YuGiOh Scenes, Do his Puppet Show. He can have huge maps with Push Pins for where dragons have been reported to have lived.....

You can even teach his to sew, buy a sewing pattern to make a KNIGHT costume and have him help make most of it. He can wear it to his Dragon Party. He can design and make his own wooden sword and sheild.

I just found this in my email today...

Science Experiment.. click here to see

you may need to find a smoke machine for this one.... or not... It might be fun for a dragon study .

these might be fun, too......

Sceince Experiment- make your own homemade fire extinguisher to put out those nasty little dragon brush fire in the back yard...

here is one that was maked as "ADVANCED"..... but you might want to try it anway (after you make a fire exstinguisher...)
Shooting Sparks

Making Sparks and Fire Part 2

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