Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Take A Look - into my days

Here is my basic schedule for the week. On Saturdays I look through their books and make a schdule filling in the page numbers or assignments.
I think the schedule is esier to follow when each day is next to theohter, but for size and format purposes I have to show them one day under the other.
CLICK HERE to see a picture of the whole week at once

Our Basic day goes like this-------
9AM- Breakfast/Read Aloud (usually Bible, Pilgrim's Progress, Story of the Word)

After Breakfast clean up
BRAIN GYM stuff (sometimes obstacle course or other alternatives)

SPELLING/Language Arts (M/W/F- spelling, T/TH- Language Arts)

Manuel's Therapy-My Boys reading time

Individual Shool Work (the chart above)

We are usually done around 2PM

Gavin and Connor do a lot independant. I mostly help Ki and Manuel

Manuel and I go to a coffee shop, have a snack and I help him with his school work, we talk, play a game- my 3 do all their work on their own. Ki usually only gets half of his done. But I am fine with it now. Now it what I expect. He does whathe can while we are gone and I help him finish when I get home)
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