Thursday, May 3, 2007

Candy and Cheese

Candy meth

This is just disgusting!!! Meth made to look and taste like candy!

there is also some stuff called

SCHOOL-Thursday May 3, 2007

Up and breakfast….. so far so good. The boys asked to play outside before school. So I gave them 20 minutes. They are playing badminton. Is that how it is spelled? I bought some rackets for $1 each and they came with 2 cheap birdies, at the dollar store of course. I figured the exercise would be good before school.

We did some stretches, then we had spelling. Manuel read, Ki wrote his word card and wrote more in his story. Gavin and Connor wrote their spelling words, but with different endings… so instead of writing explore and argue, they’d write exploration and argument. Then they wrote sentences. After that my boys read while I did Manuel’s care.

Manuel earned $2 cleaning in the kitchen. Ki did a few pages in his Beyond the Code and his Miquon. Connor wrote in his Language Arts book. Gavin read in a Science text about solids. he liked learning the formulas for torque and horsepower.

Connor has art class later.

YESTERDAY was an unschool day- playing at the park, bike riding, looking at things in the microscope, reading books, playing games, dad teaching about some math/science stuff, Royal Rangers......

Manuel's knee is doing AWESOME!! He rode a bike yesterday! He even spend $1 at the grocery store! He has never spent money here before- he works to earn it, but saves it all up to take home to his mom.
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