Friday, May 25, 2007


Today's school was easy. I told the boys to do something math, something reading and something writing. I told Manuel to pick any page he wanted in the Miquon book I have for him.

We went to the Rec Center and posed for picture passes for the waterpark pass.

Ate lunch.

Walked to the outdoor mall:

Here is Manuel (the one on red.... in case you couldn't pick him out...)

Here is Connor-

Here is Gavin (It was hard getting a face shot of him....)

Here is Connor and Ki (and Manuel and some kid with a mohawk)-

After we were done there, the boys got a sno-cone. No School next week, so Ki could have a little artificial....

Then I took a nap at home. The boys watched a couple Greatest American Heros shows on DVD. It is "Get your Own Dinner" night. Brian and the boys washed the Miata.
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