Monday, May 7, 2007

Out for a Walk

We went for a walk at the nature reserve place . Lots of nice pics. The boys skipped rocks, caught insects, looked at fossils, climbed trees and swang on vines. I locked my keys in the van. Brian's dad had to come take us hone, I got the spare, then drop me off at the van. I took the boys to lunch. everyone wanted Panera except Manuel. So we went to Panera (because we almost always go where Manuel wants and I think it's not fair to my own kids if Manuel is always chosen instead of them and it's not good for Manuel to always gethis way)

So he sat and pouted the whole time and refused to eat. Kids are kids no matter what country they live in....Ki is like that, too when we don't go where he wants.

Now he is crying. Poor kid.Conor was reading in the bedroom and I didn;t think I should always kick Connor out of his room everyday. He's been getting upset and sad that we always kick him out of room 2 times a day to do Manuel. So I let him stay and did Manuel's massage and therapy on the sofa. I told the boys to make sure they didn't come into the room. It's turned into abad afternoon for Manuel.

This tree had long thin roots that were just drapped across the path!

I think I might enlarge this one for Mother's Day....

SHELF fungus put to use!

A big, fat lightening bug That craled on Ki for half of our walk. He had a little green inchworm on his face after this.

There was some large shelf fungi at this place!

Swinging on a vine

A better vine !!

Connor had wiped most the blood from his finger already.. Manuel and Connor got cut skipping stones...

A cool tree!

I have had to remind and correct Ki 5 or 6 times now. He is doinf double digit multiplication. He loves to use Dice. We have dice that is one dice inside another- so it works as rolling a double digit number. I explained it to him, showed him an example, made sure he rememver about carrying.... as soon as I leave he asks "Am I adding or timesing??"After I took 5 minutes making sure he KNEW i5t was TIMES/MULTIPLICATION.. I come back and he has done SINGLE times SINGLE (5 of them) so I had to remind him DOUBLE DIGITS... then he asks "Am I adding or timesing?"

... then a little later..he calls out "I forget- am I adding or timesing?"

we did tyhis another round... is it really THAT hard to remember, the problems he had already done were TIMES....


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