Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hey... it's been a few days......

Hmmm. since last post Manuel saw the doctor and was out back into pressure garments and given the estimated date of early September for returning home. Which made him very sad..... I think he was better when he was sad about not knowing when. At least then he thought "Maybe this month!!" each month... now he knows it's NOT 'this month' for 3 more months.... (pic of pressure garments here Manuels' are for his legs)

(no school Friday- Brain took the day off work and took Manuel to Cincy for me)

Saturday a friend came over andhelped me organize the kids section of the bookshelf.

TOP SHELF- basket new reading books for Ki- who all the sudden started reading! YEAH! next to it, reading books for Connor. They often need help when I say 'it's reading time'. Esp Ki. He gets oberwhelmed with too many free choices. So having a group of books that 'count as school reading' helps. Cononr is reading a cat warrior series, but between books he can choose somehting from his school reading shelf and he also needed more advanced books than what was there last month.

2ND SHELF- books grouped by size/kind.... and a basket of mostly Fieldguides.

BOTTOM- books that are more scientific, 'schooly'.

By Sunday his feet and ankles were swelling from his pressure garments. So I called Monday. They told me to put him BACK into the ace wraps and bring him to Cincy Wed to be fotted for new garments. Being out of those nasty garments made him happy.. but going back to the hospital is NOT making him happy at all!

I took Tylenol PM Sundaynight- mild headache and hadn't slept well (due to sick kids), so I thought the Tylenol PM might help. I slept 11 hours before I dragged my half asleep body out of bed. I figured my body was just getting caught up on sleep. Hardly any school got done. Monday night I had a bad headache and decided to take the Tylenol PM again. Again, it was all I could do to drag my half comotose body out of bed. I was numb and my head felt like it was swirling. Conclusion- NO MORE TLYENOL PM for me!

Yesterday We did some school. Ki made fingerprint letters for his spelling words. With an inkpad. He'd make a fingerprint and then turn itinto a letter. (not all letters were fingerprintble) He seemed to enjoy it. Nothing else worth mentioning.

Today I was brain dead all morning. Gavin read to his brothers out of Pilgrim's Progress. (My eyes couldn't focus to read until around...well, they still aren't that great). Then they used clay to make amodel of a scene. Gavin and Connor wrote about their scene. Ki had a little meltdown over playdough ownership and mixed colors in the containers. I didn;t push for writing from him.


Connor's writing- (spelling errors fixed for your reading ease)
In the scene, Christian is running for his life out of the city. He wants to go to a different city.


Gavin's writing-(spelling errors fixed for your reading ease)
Bad City (yes, he gave it a title)
Faithful and Christian see the beautiful city. But Evangelist says it's a bad city built by the Wicked Prince. Faithful and Christian could be killed. The city is so nice you want to stay and not go to the Prince (the good prince). If you don't the bad men can throw you in jail or just kill you. Many pilgrims stay in the city and are treated cruelly. So, what will hapepen when they enter the city?
[j in jail is fine, yet j in just it backwards.. you'd think they'd be the same one way or the other]

Ki's picture came out very blurry... but art is so NOT his thing AT ALL! you didn't miss much.

We then went to the park to play. We taught Manuel how toplay Red Light Green Light. Ki was all out of breath after one game. He tires so easily..... We ate lunch there.

At home I gave Gavin, Manuel and Connor small assignments and took Ki to the coffee shop. He had hot choclate and I had juice. I read a book to him. He read one to me. (He is doing SO GREAT!! The lightbulb just turned on and he reads now!). Ki has been struggling A LOT with double digit multiplication. I asked him if he wanted to me sit and help him everyday or if he wanted to take a break and do something else for math. He decided to take a break and we decided on maps. He did 2 pages in his Miquon about copying a picture onto a smaller grid and making it to scale. He lovedit and did a third page. Then I hadhim measure the table. I choose this spot and pages inMiquon specifcally. The shop has tile topped tables. So Ki could count the tiles (after measruing to make sure they were the same size) and then draw it on the graph paper. One grid per tile on the tables length and width. Then again with 2 grids per tile. Then he did the same with the smaller end table with tile. Then he decided to do the 2 different sized tables where the people sit to eat. One was the same as the small tile table. The other was 35" by 35". I suggest he use one grid for every 5 inches. He very quickly knew it was 7 grids. it seems the multiplication comes easier when it doesn't look like a multiplication problem.

He was so excited! Then we played a game of chess. (after he measured the chess board and put it on the graph paper)

Then he finished the book he started at the Coffee shop.

Manuel did extra math and Ingles so he won;t have school to do tomorrow. He'll still need to read though. He was pretty excited to do extra today so he doesn't have to do it tomorrow!
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