Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'My 4th child'

We have a boy from Honduras staying with us. He is 13 and doesn't speak English and I didn't speak any Spanish 2 months ago. I can now carry on conversations with him...a little.

He is here for medical treatment. He was burnt on his legs. He had fireworks in his pocket. The 1st hospital turned him away (no resources). The second kept him for a month, no painmeds- daily scrubbing of his burns, but that is all they could do- scrub the burns. He needed skin grafts- so he came here to the states. he was in the Shriner's burn hospital a month, at my house a month, back for more surgeries for a week and then back to my house.
He burnt his legs Dec 24 (which is the day they celebrate Christmas in Honduras according to Manuel). He came to the States around January 26 and he came to my house Around Feb 27.

He has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. He is the next to the youngest child (and youngestson). His oldest sibling is 28. 3 siblings have moved out. One is 19, married, pregnant qand living in an add-on room with the family. (she recently moved out with her husband. The baby is due in July).I think the house is just one room- no walls to partion the areas. He has mango, apple, orange, nance, and guava trees in his yard. No running water in the house, but a faucet or pump in the yard. NO restroom in the house. The kitchen in an outdoor kitchen. It is like a roofed patio.

I have been teaching him a little bit. I homeschool my 3 boys and have been doing a few lessons with him. He is good at math and reads well enough. But he has very little science or geography knowlege.
He has been healing nicely snce his second graft surgeries in April. His expected date to go home is early September.
Here are some links we use:
ESOL games Manuel plays these
Online Translator We can converse back and forth with this when we get stuck with our bilingual knowledge.
Make your own Wordsearch (and more) I use this puzzlew maker to make worksheets to go with his English lessons.


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