Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sugar Cane

My Spanish has been improving. So has Manuel’s English. His knee is healing well and he is able to bend well for therapy time. Read about who Manuel is and how he came to be with us HERE.

I bought the new TobyMac CD and Manuel seems to like it. I don’t think he believes it is Christian though. It doesn’t SOUND Christian to him. He has a Alex Rodrigus CD. I spelled that wrong.

Ki has a little artificial colors/flavors today. Hopefully not enough to cause him to have a bad day. He has trouble with artificial colors/flavors. They used to give him hives. We went 2 years without them. Now he can have a very small amount from time to time, but I try to avoid them on school weeks. It’s just too much for his body to deal with the Sensory Disorder, allergies, asthma, dypraxia, dyslexia, etc… AND have to filter the toxins. He has bad ADHD/SID days when he consumes artificials.

I spent the weekend writing my weekly schedule. I think it will work well. I am actually going to do tests Friday. We rarely do tests here. I think it is a good list. I remember to leave time to get to classes. I have meals planned out so Ki can get protein every 3 hours or so. He needs a constant stream of protein.

Manuel’s leg is swollen. Mostly his ankle and calf. Not really his knee or higher, though.
He told me, yesterday, that at the hospital in Honduras, they were thinking of cutting off his leg. YIKES! and double yikes because there was no pain meds!

Manuel work 8+hours on Saturdays cutting sugar cane. During summer vacation he works 6 days a week, 8-10 hours a day in the grapefruit fields. I am not sure what he does there. But, he needs a good working leg so he can continue to work. So his family has enough money to eat. And he is in 5th grade. After 6th grade he is finished with school and will need to work all year round.

OH! We ate at a Mexican restaurant today. The man who owns it is named Antonio. We go there a few times a month. He enjoys talking to Manuel and is very kind. He sometimes give him free food. Once he gave Manuel $10. Today I asked if he knew of a Spanish Speaking church. He told me about one. So we can go to it next Sunday. Hopefully Manuel will enjoy that! It is a Catholic church, though. Manuel’s family is Evangilisto.
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