Monday, April 23, 2007

Brain Gym Videos (and more)

I am boring. I don't write exciting blogs. I don't show much emotion or passion in my writing and I really have no desire to persuade anyone that my views should be taken upon by them. I don't tell witty stories. I just like to record what we do and share ideas. Maybe you will enjoy these, though.

Videos of Brain Gym and other Occupational Therapy activites.

Ki doing Joint Compression activity.He does these every day before school and on non-school days when He is having SID overload.
Bouncy Ball Activity

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Elephant 8's. A Brain Gym activity. We do Lazy 8s with some part of our body daily.
Elephant 8s

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Ear Rolls-- good to do before lots of listening-
Ear Rolls

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Music Body Scales (my piano sounds bad)
this one has really helped my son with dyspraxia to cordinate multiple body movements. He was the one recording the video and forgot to turn it off before swinging it around. So you get to see me in my jammies. sorry.
Music Body Scales

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Ki reading his story. He uses his word cards to write a story.
Cat Aliens

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