Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Bill Nye

How often do you see cool science experiments online videos???
How often do you see perfect, easy science experiments on kids' science TV shows??
How often do you read (see illustrations) of awesome and fun science experiments in books?

I bring you- REAL SCIENCE experiments-- the ones you try 6 times and they still come out a bit not-correct...

Bill Nye I am not. I am just a Bill Nye Wanna-Be.

Today we did 2 science experiments. The first was creating a vacuum in a glass bottle to suck a hard bpiled egg into it. It is a GREAT experriment... if the egg and bottle are correct sizes. My egg was too big... or maybe my bottle too small. Iused a Snapple Teas bottle and a large egg. If I can get a small or maybe medium sized egg, it may work.
We tried 4 times to get the flame IN the bottle, but it kept going out as soon as we put in there. The 5th time, Connor left his hand on the egg the whole time. so you didn;t get the effect of the vacuum sucking the egg.... it culd have been Connor pushing it. So we did it AGAIN! and I saved the footage. But I need to hire a more compatent camera man. This one was too close, so he couldn;t get the entire bottle in the frame. So you either saw the fire at the bottom or the egg at the top. He wiggled when the egg was starting to be sucked into it, but if you look closely you can see it. And JUST as the egg was being sucked the rest of the way, he TURNED IT OFF! You can hear the start of the suction sound, though. You see Manuel (in red) and Ki in the background. I have the fire, Gavin puts the egg on the bottle (I straighten it). The camera man will remain nameless. Click the video area to activate it. Then click the play arrow and wait a few seconds. if it doesn't work- you can try coming back later- if you have the time. Sometimes videos get too busy I think.

Then we floated citrus fruits. Limes and Lemons to be exact. This was another experiment that didn't work. ACCORDING TO THE EXPERTS (just who are 'they' anyway??) the limes sink and the lemons float. SEE VIDEO of REAL EXPERIMENT If you cut their rinds off and try just their rinds, both float, if you try the lemons and limes without rinds the lime still sinks, the lemon still floats. Limes are more dense (compact mass) and are heavier than the water so the sink. Lemons are less dense, so they float. We have dense lemons. They stood sort of upright at the bottom of the bowl.. didn't float all the way- didn't sink all the way. WAIT!! We were supposed to use the WHOLE lemon and lime I think!! DOH!.
Then we floated mangos pieces and rinds... (no pics of that)

I LOVE MY GLASS BOWL! I bought is with science experiments in mind. So many need a big bowl for water and this is smooth and straight and clear- so you can see right in. I also use it for mixing things (like a double batch of waffles)- most science experiements with water are food items anyway.... water, juice, baking soda, cabbage juice/lithmus tests...
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