Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HI!!!!! I'm Back!!

Sorry about being gone from here.I have been struggling toget over this pneumonia. I can't even go to the store without being miserable for 2-3 days.I can't talk more than 3 sentences without almost collapsing......

BUT I am feeling better today and yesterday. Brian has not been allowing me to clean the house or make meals or anything..... And so I am finally starting to feel better.

I still have to sleep totally sitting upright or I can't breath.

The boys have been reading and doing some online research and I have been reading to Ki about Martin Luther.

But there'snotmuch going onhere...no hikes, no cool sciende experiments.... maybe next week,

I still have to get over to my dad's house with his Father's Day card. My husband is out of town and he told me not to drive, except maybe to the library.
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