Friday, September 12, 2008

The Lessons Life Teaches

Today, Gavin (15), learned how to use his Google Calendar to send reminders to himself and record things like PE class and birthdays.

How to make his own blog and use webcam photos for his profile. (he has an interesting take on a secular science experiment)

The 13 yr old
learned that though it's fun in a way to be barefoot and step on a cactus, digging them out with a kitchen knife does not make mom happy and the subsequent trip to the Urgent Care costs time and money.

And that he actually likes waiting till Friday to his weeks worth of schooling and having to get it all done. Eating a banana for lunch while taking notes and reading online because he doesn't want to waste time taking a break for lunch

the 11 yr old learned that airplane food is too expensive and to keep your snack bag with you, not in your suitcase
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