Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Chilly Morning

The sunlight always looks different on chilly mornings. It's a little extra chilly today. The weather here is a bit different. It's like mid-spring all the time. It is always a little chilly every morning with a sea-mist fog. The fog (or sometimes just overcast cloudiness) usually clears around 9 - 10AM. Then it is about 75 degrees by 1PM and is nice and warm until about 6PM. The evening starts to cool off as the mist rolls in for the night. It's actually still very nice all evening till bedtime, just a little cooler and mistier.

The odd thing in the warmth of the day is that it doesn't matter if you wear a tank top or a jacket. It's just as comfortable either way. I am used to if it's warm enough for a tank top then it is way too warm to wear a jacket and vice-versa.

'My' avocados should be ripe in 2 months! I only have about 8 or 9. They really aren't mine. They are just on my side of the 8 foot wall. I want to make avocado-cilantro hummus.

Gavin is getting over a cold. He was pretty achey yesterday. I have been giving him echenacia and it seems to be a very short lived cold. It never got as bad as his colds often get.

Both Gavin and Connor are sleeping in today. It's 7:35 and I don't hear them yet. I love that they can sleep in when they are tired and need a little extra sleep. Ki is usually the one to sleep in late. Both Brian and Ki were up early. They must still be on Ohio Time.

We aren't doing much school this week, so I really don't have anything school-y to write. The boys have home school P.E. today. I'll be trying to get my new Base ID.

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