Saturday, September 6, 2008


Worked on school lists for the week.

___Morning Chores
___Breakfast started by 9
___Going Places [1]-Correct problems in red Notebook Sept4 [2] Read from your Gloria Book 30 minutes
___MATH : Aleks
  • Elephant 8s (15) and water
  • 15 minutes quicktables
  • 8minute break & CrissCross Marches (20)
  • 20 Minutes Aleks Pie w/ Choc Covered Raisins *paper&Pencil

___ work on Zoology Notebook with mom for 20 minutes

___Do the first "Try This" in your Zoology Book

___Find Your Duffle bag for your trip, clean it out if needed


___Morning Chores

___Breakfast by 9

___Going Places: With mom-Google How to Make a Kite, write supplies in your notebook and gather needed supplies

___Math *Play PIG with mom. Maybe with brothers. (game/link- Thanks to TribeOfAutodidacts)

___Read in Zoology book with mom then Work in Notebook is still not done

___ Make sure to have all your clothes for the trip gathered so I can wash them is needed


___Morning Chores

___Breakfast by 9AM

___Going Places:

  • Make Kite with mom
  • Read in Gloria Book 20 minutes

___Zoology Book:

  • Read (with mom)
  • Do the 2nd "Try This"
  • Finish Notebook



___Choose what is for Breakfast tomorrow


___Morning Chores

___Breakfast by 9

___MATH: Aleks

  • Choose a Brain Gym Activity, drink Water
  • 15 minutes QuickTables
  • 10 minute Break and Brain Gym
  • 20 Minutes Aleks Pie w/ Choc Covered Raisins (have paper and pencils and water bottle)

___ Turn in Your Science Notebook to mom

__Grab your Bags and leave with dad to the Train Station!!



  • To be finished by 3PM on Friday
  • 'Daily work' done by 2PM for 45 minutes Computer Time
  • 'Weekly work' (all school work) to be finished by 3PM on Friday for 45 minutes Friday Computer time. (if not-no Friday Computer. If not done by 6PM- no Saturday Computer)
  • Morning Chores to be done by 9 (before Breakfast)
  • Shower after lunch (& before After School Computer)



  1. Morning Chores before Breakfast
  2. Read 50 minutes
  3. Aleks 30 minutes a day- or more if needed to get to Weekly Goal


  • Finish ALEKS. You have about 2.5 hours of work until your level is complete. When it is complete you are done with math for the week. In fact, no more math until Sept 29. You get a break!
  • Geology: 3 sessions @ 40 minutes each session
  1. Read Current Events and write about 2 of them in your Science Journal.
  2. Do Rader's GeoScience. Take the Quiz and record score in your Science Journal. Then Click the link :Next Stop on Site Tour and read on the site the remaining time.
  3. Look at Rock pictures Online. Choose 1 rock from each category to draw a color picture of in your Science Journal (and label the rock with name and type)
  • Social Studies: Read pages 5-8 sections III & IV. Do questions 66-104. I suggest You just read 1-2 paragraphs at a time, then answer what you can from that reading. I also suggest you do about 10 questions a day so you do not have 45 to do on the last day.



*Monday he and I are going to the Coffee Shop for Breakfast and Physics Test. He asked if he can bring his notebook and I told him yes.

*I will send an email reminder that his notebook is due for a check next week and also to remind him do keep an eye on what needs to be done and how much he has left and make sure he gets it all worked on as needed.

*and he is still doing the S.A.T. Question of the Day most days

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