Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ki and the Pearicot

That is the new pear I bought. The man called it a Friar Pear and it was marked as such. But it looks like a pluot. The inside is NOT like the flesh of a pear, but like that of the golden variety pluots. maybe it's part nectarine?

Going to the Farmers Market has been good for Ki. Riding bikes is great exercise for him and therapy for his dyspraxia. Exercise is good for the lungs and helps the body fight against asthma.

And visiting the Famers Market has encouraged him to try new foods.

Ki is my Little Eco Friendly, Jr Environmentalist. He loves when we use our own grocery bag and it was his idea to switch to organic milk- when he was 7. When we stopped for out fruit icee yesterday he inspected the cup. It was recycle Number 1 and he was a little disappointed they coffee shop didn;t have a recycle bin and almost brought it home to put in our recycle bin. My bike baskets were full of our farm fresh produce and he didn't want to put trash with those. He picks up trash when we go for our walks or at the park.

Ki loves farm fresh food- or atleast the IDEA of farm fresh foods. Even though he is too picky to eat much that would come from a farm. But at the Farmer's Market they have fruit samples out at a lot of the stands and they talk to Ki and offer him a piece of fruit and he'll often try it, or if I try it and say it's good and buy it, he'll try it when we get home. Because the farmers grew it without chemicals like the fruit at the grocery store.

He and Connor like the Flat Bread I buy there. They were out of Boboli mini pizza crusts and tried a flat bread. They didn;t expect it to be nearly as good as the Boboli, but to their surprise they like it better! So they figured out the cost. I can buy a bag of 5 flat round flat breads for $3.33. The 2 Pack Boboli minis are about $4. Now the Bobolis are a teeny bit bigger, but for the price they decided the Flat Bread were still worth it and tasted better. They don't like the added spices and cheese in the Boboli Crusts.

CONNOR'S MODEL he was working on.......... a ballista

Connor posed this and had me take a picture of the AFTER from the ballista

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