Wednesday, September 3, 2008


hsba- HomeSchool Blogger Awards- My good friend, Stacie, does these HSBA themes. I thought I'd try one from time to time. Today's themes is ROUTINES. This is right up my alley, so I figured it'd be a good theme to start my HSBA journey.

Now the debate. Shall I post daily routines? Or weekly Routines? Maybe both. Daily routines are pretty easy to post.

Our Daily is pretty relaxed I guess.

It goes something like this:

  • The boys wake up when they want- as long as they are up by about 8:45
  • If they have their morning chores done by 8, they can have 'free time' on the computer until I call them to breakfast
  • 9:00-9:30 is breakfast
  • I read from Story of the World during Breakfast
  • Sometimes after Breakfast/clean-up We have a GEO MIND BUILDER question. The one who gets it right, first, gets a quarter.
  • Then when the whole breakfast routine is over, the boys start school and I do some housecleaning and help with school as needed
  • Ki (almost 12) has a daily school list. A list of everything he needs to do that day. He does it in any order he wants to and often there are choices. He usually chooses what he wants to do for math, science, social studies. Sometimes he has other choices. So it is a daily list, which he likes and needs) but also the freedom to choose and steer his own ship, which he needs
  • Connor(13) has a weekly list. The things he needs to have done by 3PM Friday. He can do them in any order or amount. So he can do all 3 Science Sessions in 1 day if he wants. BUT Reading and Math need to be done daily. I give him more choices than what he needs usually, so I will give him a choice of 4 science activities even though he only has to do 3. stuff like that.
  • Gavin (15)has reading and math daily. Reading is to be at least 50 minutes. Math is any amount as long as he has 3.5 hours done by the end of the week. ( is what C&G use for math). His science and social studies and some specific reading needs to be done by Jan 1. I decided to once a month do a notebook check, as he seems to be having some minor problems in that area and if he doesn;t get his stuff done by Jan 1, Brian will insist he goes to 'done at the end of the week'- or even Daily Lists. I don't think that's be good, so I'll do the occasional checks to make sure he is on the right path.
  • NOON- sometime close to noon (11:30-12:30) we have lunch. If lunch is not had by 1, they have to wait till 3 for a healthy snack.
  • 3PM- this is when their daily chores and school need to be done if they want 'After School Computer' of 45 minutes
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