Friday, August 29, 2008


Ki like lists, yet he also likes the freedom to choose options. So I make school lists for him and sometimes he lots of options, sometimes it's detailed and he just chooses when to do which task.
This week is a more detailed list. I thought I'd share his daily lists:
I asked what he wanted to do - Focus on just his missions, focus on just his social studies or do a little of both. He chose missions this week

TUES Sept 4
___ morning chores & Breakfast by 9AM
___MATH {remember your Brain Gym and Water}
*correct pg D-22 (his Miquon) write the problems in your notebook
*15 mins Quiktables (
~5 min break
*correct pages C-42,43 (miquon) do in your notebook
___GOING PLACES (language arts story book)
*read pages 28-30

۝ we have homeschool PE and will be gone from 10 AM-1PM. so it's a short day

WED Sept 4
___Morning Chores & Breakfast bt 9:30
___MATH {remember your Brain Gym & water}
*15 minutes Quicktables
~5 minute break
*15 minutes Alek Pie Chart w/ raisins
*read pgs 31-34
*Do Questions in Red Book (I write questions for him in a Red Composition book)
*read pg 1 PACE with mom
*Do page 2 in your PACE
*locate beekman Mission Field on our map
*20 minutes+ working on your Ocean Box
THUR Sept 4
___Morning Chores & Breakfast by 9AM
___Math {remember your Brain Gym & water}
*20 minutes Your Choice
~10 minute Break
*15 minutes Your Choice
___Going Places
*Finish Reading the Story
*Red Book Questions
___Misssions A.C.E.
*Read with mom Peril by Choice
*Do Questions on pg 4 of PACE book

___Morning Chores & Breakfast by 9AM
___MATH {remember your Brain Gyn and water}
*15 minutes Quicktables
*5 min break
*20 minutes ALEKS Pie Chart
___ Go to Library w/ mom, get book
___Read 30 minutes
*Read a couple sections and write in your notebook
*read with mom in Peril by Choice
*do page 5 in PACE book
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