Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wasted Emotions

I was nervous for nothing.....

I got to the DMV and was told not only would I need my marriage certificate I need to prove I have an Ohio Driver's Lisense. Luckily I do not need to get a Duplicate Card (about $25), I just need to call the Ohio DMV and ask for a letter that confirms I hold a valid Ohio D.L.

I found a coffee shop to use for lesson planning. The caramel latte was good. The price the same as anywhere else and there are no tables in the front part of the building. When you walk in, it's just a place to order and a table of baked treats. BUT you can walk through the kitchen and there are 4 rooms. each with a table and chairs or benches. Like one family per room. And they wil be opening 4 or so more of rooms next week.

A few tables outside i the lovely California sun. The lady that owns the place is really nice. She said this private room concept works well becuse the coffee shop is located close to the civics center, the police and and everything. She often gets lawyers who want a private room to talk to clients, or detectives or police officers that need a private room

I think it is just a California thing. The like their privacy. Hence the reason so many houses have 6' brick walls (or higher) enclosing their backyards. I have that about my house. Our back yard is totally enclosed by a brisk wall that goes from 6 to 8 feet. I feel like a prisoner when I hang laundry.

Life is moving quickly this week. Which means 'school' is not. But that's OK. The do reading and math daily and then anything else they can fit in our short amount of time at the house. Gavin is being very laid back about his lessons that are due in January. I would to, if they weren't do till January. He might have a LOT of SPEED SCHOOL to cram in in November.

Brian got home last night and took the day off to work on the Miata and get the Van SMOG checked. (like our E-Checks in Ohio). He has the boys helping him. So it's another LIFE LESSON day. Connor and Ki have practice from 3-7:30 for their play.

It is VERY DUSTY here in California. In this area at least. I want to get a couple of those air purifiers that are like a collumn unit that stands on the floor. I wil run them during the day and turn them off when Brian gets home. He doesn't like them.

Brian is getting his California lisense today. Maybe. He may need his marriage certificate. he's hoping since he has his Ohio card that he won't. He will get CA plates for the van, too. I wonder if I should get I.D. cards for the boys.
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