Monday, August 11, 2008

"FIRST" day of school

First ‘official’ day of school.

The day is going well.
We had breakfast, cleaned up from breakfast. The boys did their morning chores.
We had our 1st day of school meeting. I had a notecard of everything I wanted to talk about.
We talked about morning chores (I need to check their work this week), how they can earn extra computer time, our plan this week, reminded them to check their email and talked about spending more time reading the Bible and Talking to God.

We did our Geography Mind Builders. No one got it. I was offering a quarter for the first person to get the answer (without looking at the map) and $1 for the bonus part of the question. I told them we’d do 1 of these each day. More if they want. And I’d offer coins for correct answers (unassisted). I gave them each a quarter for it being our first day and just figuring out how to work. I asked if they wanted to try another question. Connor asked “If we do 2 questions today does that mean we won’t get to do one tomorrow?”. When I assured him they’d always have a chance at 1 a day, he decided to do another. Gavin got the quarter for the 2nd question.

Here were today’s questions.
#1 What is the name of the island country off the South East coast of India? What was it originally called?

#2. What large central European country was 2 separate countries from 1949-1990? (and I added “what was the name of the division between the 2 countries? What war ended in this separation?- but they only needed to answer the 1st for the quarter.)

#1 Sri Lanka and Ceylon
#2 Germany

Connor was a little upset that he didn’t get eat his lat chocolate chip. He had 12, did 11 problems, so I didn’t let eat his 12th choc chip. Ki got all 12 eaten and said if he didn’t do 12 in his Aleks time, he’d just do Aleks even longer until he got 12 done. Gavin decided he wanted some for his Aleks time, too.

Gavin and Connor both like to listen to Weird Al while they do their math.

They looked over some of their upcoming school things. Ki read in his book; Acting and Theater.

Connor and Ki went for a bike ride.

After lunch, we’ll do Story of the World and walk to the bank to set up accounts for the boys.
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