Friday, August 15, 2008


Ki got the Geography question of the day right. He seems to get the answer correct more often than his brothers. He doesn’t really know the answers; he is just a better guesser, LOL.

Today’s Question:
Which of the following cities are located in the Tropics? ( reminded them of the section between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn that we looked at a couple days ago)

a. Darwin, Australia
b. Miami. Florida
c. Buenos Aires, Argentina
d. Honolulu, Hawaii
e. Cairo, Egypt
f. Beijing, China

I wanted them al to have an opportunity to get a quarter. I told them I’d give them a quarter for each correct answer. Gavin asked if they had a wrong answer it’d take away one of the quarters for the right answer. I told him I don’t think so. I hadn’t thought it out, I guess. Connor says “Well, then we can just write down ALL of the answers, get quarters for the right ones since the wrong ones won’t count off.”

Hmmm. That won’t work.

So, I decided to tell them how many correct answers there are. There are 2 correct answers. They list the 2 they think are correct and can’t list more than 2. They sure made this into a much bigger production that I thought it’d be.
So Gavin got 1, Connor none and Ki got both. But before I told them that, I got the map out and told them to look for the cities they wrote down. They all found their answers. Ki was happy to see both of his were correct. Ki got 50 cents. Gavin 25. Ki felt sorry for Connor and found a quarter laying on the counter and offered it him. Connor said ‘no, thanks.’ And I told Ki he can’t give away money that doesn’t belong to him.

The Answers:
A. Darwin, Ausralia
D. Honolulu, Hawaii

Gavin got an email from a friend in Ohio. She told him one of her favorite animals is the Red Panda, so Gavin had fun looking up Red Panda on Google.

Connor decided to look at rock pictures today. I had sent him a link of a website that lists the 3 types of rocks with a lot of pictures of each. It even has the pronunciation of some them apparently. He likes this one:

Ki really likes his Zoology book! He was telling all about whales today and how he’s glad he’s not a whale. The moms lay the eggs in the water and leave them. They hatch and can’t swim. They just float in the current until they learn. (many being eaten before that because they can’t swim away from a preditor).
And he likes the nudibranch. The name is funny and it is very colorful; almost fake looking.

and he really like Filter Feeders. He read about them today.
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