Friday, August 29, 2008

CONNOR'S LIST *a weekly variety

Unlike Ki who has asked for daily lists, Connor has requested a weekly list. Here is this weeks, as a sample of what his weekly lists look like. It is a 4 day week of course:

___ ALEKS math 2HR 50Min
___GEOLOLOGY (take good notes)
*3 times this week 40 mins each

►read ROCKS Kids Discovery magazine
►read Geo Current Events online, write about 1 of them
►choose 1 experiment to do from WILD GOOSE book. write supply list in your notebook
►Online Rader's GeoScience for Kids

___ Read 50 minutes a day
___ Pray Daily
___Do Social Studies
☼ finish vocab sentences page A
☼read pages 2-5 in PACE book
☼do questions 17-65
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