Friday, August 15, 2008


I am working on their school lists right now. I think I have Connor's, but it feels ike something is missing. We will have a busy week next week, so whatever is missing, maybe it's OK. The boys have auditions for a play on Monday and it's auditions for what part- not IF they get a part. So they will have practice an hour each day all week. Plus the hour driving time. And on Tuesday, it'll be 4 hours out of the house at least.

CONNOR (a weekly list. what he needs to have done by Friday)
__ALEKS math 3 hours (this will increase in September)
__Science - 30 minutes 3 times a week. 1 2 3 (I put # on items so he can cross them off when he's done)
__Your Geology Experiment
__Social Studies 30 minutes 3 times a week 1 2 3
__Read 50 minutes a day M T W TH F

*Make sure to take good science notes
*Check your email in the morning for notes from mom.

Ki asked for a daily list. So I will write out only 1 or 2 days at a time for him. What he does one day will determine what I write for the next day.

___ Read Going Places pages 14-16
___ Answer G.P. Questions in your notebook. ( I wrote out questions for him, as Conor used tghe workbook last year and it's not what Ki needs anyway)
___ Aleks 15 minutes Quicktables (TimesTable drills)
___ 20 minutes a math of your choice (He has been choosing Miquon all week. He plans to finish this Miquon before starting something else, but he may change his mind- usually does)
___ Choose 1 of the following to do for 30 minutes with mom
a. Science (I found out I need to read this with him. He is getting the info all mixed up in his head)
b. Social Studies (if he chooses this I have an activity, but I'm keeping it a suprise)
c. Missions
___ Check Your Email (I have his email and password written down for him)

I am still deciding how to do Gavin's. He told me how he wants to do science, and I know how I want to do his math and reading. It's his electives I'm not sure how to schedule. I an thinking a completion date. Like "Have Economics finshed by January." and let him do it as he sees fit.
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