Thursday, August 14, 2008

short day

I guess it wasn't really short, it just seemed like it. The biys actually had more school today than yesterday, but Connor was done before 11 and Gavin was done before noon. Ki had a little meltdown, but was still done by 1.

Ki won the Geo Quarter today. Today's questions was "The west part of of Australia is made up of ________________"
Connor said "LAND!" I told him that didn't count. Ki rasied his and before Gavin and said desert; which was the correct, intended answer.

Ki choose to do Miquon again today for his math and he chose to read the rest of Lesson one in his Zoology text today. He has 2 animal project workbooks, but he decided to go in order and finish lesson 1.

Connor read a page on Geology Current Events. He choose Aug 13, Venezuela. They found 5,000 yr old cat fossils. a scimtar cat I think it was. He choose a geode science experiment for next week. (and did his social studies, aleks and chose to read for his extra computer time)

Gavin did his stuff. read some in his church history book, did more of his Physics and looked at what he'd need for his first experiment next week so we could make sure we have everything. He did his Aleks and is doing well.

Connor's Roadside Geology book came. I need to order the other half of California though. I assumed our area would be in the Central/Northern book. We are RIGHT on the edge, but just on the side not covered. maybe I'll save it for a Christmas Gift.

I cleaned my bathroom and hung two loads of clothes. Ki helped me take in the towels. It was his 'Occupational Therapy 'today, LOL. a lot less kids needed occupational and sensory therapy back in the day they were made to do more house work and played outside all day.

Brian is working late. I might go to a homeschool meeting with a lady that lives around the corner from us.
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