Monday, August 25, 2008

BOYS & their Jewelry

I bought some neat UV Beads(previous post). They stay white until in the sunlight (not houselight- just light with UV rays). So I thought my boys like making bracelets. Color changing bracelets are fine for boys I figured. I never thought about other accessory items.

Well, the Gavin, 15 yrs. old, made a bracelet

he braided red/white/blue for the second bracelet

Connor (13)had to make 2 matching bracelets. One for each wrist. And he keeps spinning them an they slide around and don't match up throughout the day

my son, Ki (12) Made a necklace and earrings. He is wearing them as he makes his lunch. The earrings are just like small bracelets that loop over his ears and hang down.

Before The SUN:

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